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Playa Junquillal and its neighborhood offer many possibilities to enjoy nature, to experience adventures or both together!

• Surfing either at the beach right by the hotel or at the favored beaches Playa Negra and Playa Avellanas close by.

• Snorkel at the Playa Blanca beach (only 20 minutes on foot), in Callejones or San Juanillo.

• Fishing is in some extent possible directly at the beach or at the mouth of the river. If you like to go for more adventure you may go fishing with a experienced local fisherman and could return with a huge catch.

• Kajak Tours through the Mangroven. Catch the mystik of this place.

• Horse riding along gorgeous beaches or in the back-country. Enjoy amazing views on great horses. This is a great experience for advanced riders as well as for beginners. If you are interessted please check the webpage

• Turtle-Protect-Project support and live to see how squab turtles are being led to the ocean or watch live at night the egg deposition. There’s no warranty that you will see a turtle.

• Canopy partly dizzy hights. Fly through the treetop and see the world through the birds eye view.

• ATV Tours through the hily back-country and tropical dry forest.

• Golfing on the beautiful 18-whole golf course of the Hacienda Pinilla. Distance : only 20 minutes by car.

• Play Tennis in Playa Junquillal on the well-lit Tennis court of the Guacamaya Lodge.